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H2o2: standard hydrogen peroxides :

Hydrogen Peroxide (h2o2) is known as one of the most powerful oxidising agents and It has increasingly become an important chemical to manufacture for environmental reasons. It is used as a cleaning solvent in the electronic, pharmaceutical and food processing industries; as a bleaching agent for pulp and paper; and as an additive for treating solid, liquid and gaseous wastes.

Furthermore Hydrogen Peroxide is the most effective way known to kill bacteria. Unlike many other cleaners it does not contain alcohol, in any case, only kills 65% of bacteria.

However one of the key characteristics of h2o2 is its instability. Hydrogen Peroxide naturally decomposes to form two non-toxic elements: Water and Oxygen. While this makes it an environmentally-friendly and appealing choice for many of the applications mentioned previously, the continual decomposition of the Hydrogen Peroxide does have significant disadvantages. The effectiveness of the h2o2 is known to be reduced as its concentration decreases, turning a valuable chemical into simple water and oxygen.

Furthermore, during the decomposition heat is produced which can be hazardous when combined with high oxygen levels. Temperature, PH, and impurity levels can all affect the rate of decomposition and must be carefully controlled.

Therefore; standard Hydrogen Peroxide is not used as a single component; it is mixed with stabilising elements such as silver or benzene which are toxic and consequently harmful to humans, plants and animals thus limiting its potential usage.  

Bio4products 100% biodegradable :

Our Bio4 product range is 100% biodegradable, thanks to its unique natural stabiliser; they are non toxic, so harmless to humans, animals and plants providing they are used correctly under the guidance of our professional World Bio Solutions team. Our products are tailor made to deliver optimal results within the field. Our Bio4 products are highly efficient active biocides,  stability and long lasting. This product range represent the next generation of clean, safe environmentally friendly biocides for the effective control of bacteria, viruses and fungi.

The applications are numerous, including :  

  • Plant protection - To control a wide range of plant diseases.
  • Livestock - To reduce disease, stress and odours were numbers are animals are kept.
  • Spaces and surfaces - Disinfection of storage rooms, institutions, hospitals.
  • Drinking water - The treatment of raw water and controlling microbial levels of distributed water.
  • Waste and process water - For the oxidation of organic matter, removal of undesired organic compounds, pesticide residues etc. As well as for controlling microbial levels and biofilms.
  • Decontamination of food - Preserving of various foods though misting, spraying and rinsing.

Our Bio4 range has proven to be far stable than standard Hydrogen Peroxide and can be applied in many areas of use at a higher percentage than other biocides enabling them to maximise their positive effects due to their unique natural compositions.

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