During the extraction process of raw fuels, vast quantities of contaminated water are a byproduct of this practice, we at World Bio Solutions have perfected Bio4Refining which can clean and decontaminate this water to a level for safe disposal or reuse. At present this byproduct waste water has proven to be a serious environmental problem within this sector at great financial cost.

World Bio Solutions has partnered with other companies to develop processes to combat these problems within this industry.  

Bio4Refining and treatment of water :

Bio4Refining - Is a biocide, an excellent disinfectant and antiseptic. It releases oxygen radicals which are lethal to many micro-organisms, especially anaerobes.

Bio4Refining - Is 100% biodegradable, thanks to its organic, food grade stabilisers. It is not toxic and thus, harmless to humans, animals and plants, provided it is used correctly.

Bio4Refining - Is very active, has a high stability and a long-lasting effect. It is a bio-product which represents a new generation of clean, safe, environmentally friendly biocides for the effective control of bacteria, viruses and fungi. Bio4Refining is colourless, odourless and leaves no residue.

Test: Voraxial and Bio4Refining

Objective :

Test the application of two new technologies, the Voraxial centrifugal system and Bio4Refining in:

  • The recovery of oil.
  • The treatment and clearing of formation water in hydraulic fracturing.
  • The reduction of the turbidity of the produced water from the oil producing process.
  • The cleaning of water for reuse in the same process oil industry.

Location :

Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico

Test period :

From the 17th to the 21st of August 2015.

Procedure :

The system was tested in different configurations and two different operational conditions:

In normal conditions as the mixture oil, solid and water is produced by oil extraction.

Using demulsifying chemistry :

The configuration for the mechanical system (Skiv System) was as follows: Two Voraxials model 2000 in series and a filter in between. Also an installed by-pass with the purpose of enabling the use of the filter or not. This configuration was chosen to better suit the future requirements of potential clients and get an effective separation of water and oil by passing the water twice through the system.

Nevertheless, the Voraxial system alone does not meet the oil industry's requirements on this matter and the effects of separation do not reach the levels set by the oil company for compliance with the standard (Norm). The water still contains visible oil traces and solids in the emulsion. Therefore, it needs to be treated with Bio4Refining until the correct clarity and disinfection levels are achieved. Thanks to the special characteristics of Bio4Refining the water can be reused in different areas such as irrigation water for agriculture, the reuse of water for industrial use, pre-treatment for potable water, re-injection of the water in water wells and the storage of treated water.

After every stage of the mechanical process the effects produced in the Voraxial system could visually be observed. There was also a section outlet installed for water samples to be taken. These samples were divided in two. One part was sent to a specialised laboratory and the other was treated in separate containers with Bio4Refining until complete clarification and cleaning from chemical and biological impurities had been achieved.

Test conditions :

The water mixture was not only contaminated with solids from the oil well in its raw condition (approx. 10%), but also with surface water (88%) from the environment.

  • The environment temperature was 36°C.
  • The mixture was not heated at the moment.
  • The first test ran in normal conditions: the mixture of oil, solid and water as produced by oil extraction.
  • The second test ran using demulsifying chemistry.
  • The in-fluent water had approximately 1500 ppm oil in water.

Results :

When running in normal conditions the Voraxial system could reduce the oil-in-water in approximately 86% and turbidity in an average of 94%.

For the second test the mixture ran using demulsifying chemistry. In this case the Voraxial system performed better and could reduce the turbidity more effectively. The demulsifying chemistry used was a sample from the oil industry.

During the test without demulsifying, the water sample taken in the outlet still contained oil traces, mixed solids and also emulsified oil-water. This could be observed from the samples colours.

After the mechanical separation and continuing with the clarification, various ratios of Bio4Refining were applied. When the ratio of 1 : 100 with a solution of 10% Bio4Refining was introduced, there was an immediate, positive effect in the clarification.

Ongoing evaluations of the evolution of water and its clarifying effect were made. After 24 hours of treatment with Bio4Refining a high transparency was observed. A relevant point of observation is that the sample of the inlet water used had the same amount of sedimentation, but the water remained cloudy.

Besides the performance in the capacity of separation of the Voraxial system, it has been demonstrated that its performance is not affected by changes of a wide range in the flows, or for the changes in the concentration of the inlet fluids on a wide range of different concentrations. Also the Voraxial / Bio4Refining process produces a high quality separation without any loss or resistance in the pressure.

Visual observations :

In this leaflet we report about the observations and not about the values obtained.

While treating the contaminated oil water coming from the receiving tanks the system could reduce visibly the turbidity.

After 24 hours of Bio4Refining application, congealed oil with no recognisable particles was observed on the top of the water; at the bottom was a level of sediments which after filtration became clear, after which those samples maintained their clarity.

Conclusions :

The observations made during the test under the conditions listed above lead us to conclude that the two technologies Bio4Refining and the Voraxial system are complementary and work properly achieving the proposed objective results.

Note : According to the test, the technology could be applied in the area of oil recovery in oil storage tank cleaning and recovery of water for industrial use. Also for the treatment of congenital or formation water from the process of extraction (drilling), production, refining and dehydration of crude oil. Also this application will be applicable with the introduction of further adaptation formats to achieve purification levels within the waste water so, as to be reused in other areas.

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