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Water purification has largely developed in the past century. Drinking water disinfection has decreased the number of outbreaks of waterborne diseases, such as cholera and typhoid. The larger part of pathogenic micro-organisms is removed by means of water treatment techniques, such as coagulation, flocculation, settling and filtration. To increase drinking water safety, disinfection is applied as a final treatment step.

Bio4Waters and treatment of water :

Bio4Waters – Is a biocide, an excellent disinfectant and antiseptic. It releases oxygen radicals which are lethal to many micro-organisms, especially anaerobes.

Bio4Waters - Is 100% biodegradable, thanks to its organic, food grade stabiliser. It is non toxic and thus, harmless to humans, animals and plants, provided it is used correctly.

Bio4Waters – Is very active, has a high stability and a long-lasting. It is one of our Bio products which represent a new generation of clean, safe, environmentally friendly biocides for the effective control of bacteria, viruses and fungi. This product is colourless, odourless and leaves no residue.

Bio4Waters applications :

  • During the first water purification procedure the major part of pathogenic microorganisms are removed, but water disinfection is still necessary in order to prevent drinking water from being harmful to our health.
  • Prevention and removal of biofilm in tanks and pipes.
  • Disinfection of water in swimming pools, cooling towers and storage tanks.
  • Treatment of process water in wet sorting facilities.
  • Treatment of water in irrigation water tanks: For crops it’s important that the irrigation water is as clean as possible. Therefore, algae, growing in the irrigation tanks needs to be eliminated as much as possible, because they are a breeding ground for bacteria.

Advantages Bio4Waters :

  • Healthy alternative for classical chlorine disinfection in drinking water production, as no disinfection by-products are produced which can be harmful to our health;
  • The active substance of Bio4Waters is a stronger oxidizer than chlorine-based products;
  • Economic, thanks to the high stability and long-term action
  • Not toxic, harmless to humans, animals and plants, if used correctly;
  • Environmentally friendly alternative to harmful chemicals;
  • Highly active biocide with high stability and long-lasting effect;
  • Effective control of pathogenic micro-organisms;
  • Colourless and odourless and leaves no residue;
  • Prevents odour-causing and slime-forming bacteria.

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